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We are a Swiss chemical company, active globally. Driven by technological innovation and our passion for chemistry, every day we push our boundaries to create better products for the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutrition industries worldwide. Today, our portfolio includes more than 2,500 products delivered to the world's leading companies. From the moment we conceive an idea to the moment we bring your product into the market, we are dedicated to excellence at every step. Excellence made in Switzerland, trusted by the world.




Dr. Dimitris Kalias, organic chemist by profession, founds VIO Chemicals AG in Zurich. At the time, the company employs a team of 5 and develops intermediates for non-pharmaceutical applications, such as pigments, and advanced material for electronic devices and water treatment technology.

2001 milestone




VIO Chemicals opens its representative office in the city of Nanjing, China. The company assigns a dedicated team of experts to overlook the strategic sourcing services and sets the foundation for the establishment of an extensive strategic network of suppliers in Asia-Pacific.

2002 milestone




The first production unit owned by VIO Chemicals in Binhai, China, is fully operational. The company can now provide complete custom and contract manufacturing services under its own label. Following market trends, the focus of the company has now shifted to the development and production of proprietary and non-proprietary products for industrial and pharmaceutical applications.

2005 milestone




As the global demand grows, VIO Chemicals establishes key sales offices in several European countries and North America. With nearly 65% of its customers located in Europe, 24% in America and the remaining 11% in Asia, VIO Chemicals can now boast global capacity of services and lifelong partnerships with some of the world’s leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

2008 milestone




A third multipurpose unit of 3,600 m2 is constructed in Binhai, China. Altogether, VIO Chemicals can now produce volume ranges from grams to metric tons.

2010 milestone




VIO Chemicals establishes its own cutting-edge-technology R&D centre in Thessaloniki, Greece, providing high-end but low-cost European R&D expertise for the benefit of its customers.

2016 milestone




VIO Chemicals expands its network of operations by opening a new representative office in India to deliver even more flexible solutions in strategic sourcing and manufacturing services for its customers.

2018 milestone




Today, VIO Chemicals is constantly evolving in its chemistry and customer base. Currently, we are developing innovative processes for the production of new, advanced proprietary products and expanding our service to emerging markets and new locations.

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