DMF available

CAS No: 871038-72-1

Empirical formula: C20H20FKN6O5

Molecular weight: 482.51


Raltegravir is an antiretroviral Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) that inhibits HIV integrase. It is clinically used to treat the HIV infection and decrease infection rates by preventing insertion of HIV-1 DNA into the host genome. Raltegravir is the first-in-class integrase inhibitor.


VIO Chemicals offers Raltegravir API manufactured using a non-infringing and competitive process with respect to the prior art in terms of raw material consumptions, atom and step economy. The process was designed, developed and optimized in-house for lean and scalable manufacturing, providing an additional advantage for high-volume products such as Raltegravir.

VIO Chemicals also offers advantageous and non-infringing crystalline form options, which enable early access to the European market.


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