2-Methyl-1-pyrroline is a versatile synthetic scaffold, thanks to the variety of reactivity options provided by its structure.

2-Methyl-1-pyrroline can vary from being a starting material of key imidazole functionalities and indole cores to a precursor of the common histamine 3 receptor chiral pharmacophore. It has been widely used to access structurally decisive moieties found in a wide range of biologically and pharmaceutically relevant compounds.

A versatile synthetic building block


VIO Chemicals offers 2-Methyl-1-pyrroline using an advantageous, competitive and readily scalable in-house process. Final specifications can be customized according to the intended use of this versatile precursor, in order to best fit the specific requirements of the chemical transformation leading to your product.


  • CAS No: 872-32-2
  • Empirical formula: C5H9N
  • Molecular weight: 83.13


  • Appearance: Colourless to brown liquid
  • IR: Conforms to structure
  • H-1, C-13 NMR: Conform to structure
  • Purity (GC): >98%
  • Water content: <0.25%

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