Glycocholic acid



Technical name: Glycocholic acid

CAS No: 475-31-0

Empirical formula: C26H43NO6

Molecular weight: 465.62


Recently, there has been a growing use of bile acids and their derivatives as absorption enhancers for drug delivery. Due to their high solubility, bile acid derivatives act as emulsifying agents and drug carriers in the form of mixed micelles, bilosomes and chemical conjugates with drug molecules.

Sodium glycocholate and Glycocholic acid, together with soy phosphatidylcholine, have frequently been used in mixed micelles dosage forms for intravenous administration. The role of bile acid derivatives in promoting drug permeation has been experimentally illustrated in various pharmaceutical formulations.

Applications include oral, nasal, occular, pulmonary and rectal drug delivery, as well as parenteral techniques to overcome the blood-brain-barrier.

VIO Chemicals offers Sodium glycocholate and Glycocholic acid as advanced bile acid components for robust drug formulation and delivery.


  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Natural emulsifying ability
  • Amphiphilicity
  • High aqueous solubility


The use of mixed micelles of bile acids as solubilizers has great benefits for drug formulation and delivery:

  • They are biocompatible
  • They are available in parenteral quality
  • They are easy to manufacture
  • They are natural components of the blood
  • And, unlike synthetic solubilizers, they do not bear any risks for anaphylactic reactions.


Mixed micelles formulations based on Sodium glycocholate or Glycocholic acid are used in several injectable products to solubilize poorly water soluble drug substances for intravenous administration, such as Konakion MM®, Rycarfa®, Cernevit®, Phosphogliv® and many more.

Chemical structure for Glycocholic acid

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