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Monosodium fumarate is a food additive, used as an acidity regulator and flavor enhancer.

It is a salt of fumaric acid and sodium and it is applied in the food industry to improve the texture and shelf life of various products, such as baked goods, beverages, and processed meats.

It sufficiently covers the weak points of fumaric acid, which does not easily dissolve in water.

Mechanism of action

Adding the proper dose of organic acids and Monosodium fumarate during the process of manufacturing fruit juice, helps the end-product retain its natural, mild acid taste.

The cell membrane of the fruit is destroyed during the squeezing, concentration, and storage. When exposed to open air, the freshness of the natural flavor will be lost through oxidation.

The addition of Monosodium fumarate produces a suitable resolution effect by the double bond formation, preserving necessary oxidation-reduction, and thus maintaining the fresh flavor.

The buffer effect brings up the natural acid flavor preseved in the juice, while preventing the acid taste to exceed.

Monosodium fumarate solubility comparison

Chemical structure of Monosodium fumarate

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