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Croscarmellose sodium is a sodium salt of cross-linked carboxymethyl cellulose used as a super disintegrant in pharmaceutical formulations.

It is a valuable and versatile excipient that improves the disintegration and dissolution of tablets, granules, spansules, and capsules, allowing the active ingredients to be released and absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly and effectively.


✓ The cross-linking of Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (Na CMC) reduces hydrophilicity, while still allowing the material to swell and absorb many times its weight in water.

One of the key properties that make croscarmellose sodium effective as a disintegrant is its ability to quickly penetrate water and swell, without affecting the integrity of the fibrous structure of the tablet or capsule.

The degree of substitution of croscarmellose sodium is optimized, affecting the water uptake and disintegration properties.



Croscarmellose sodium is used:

✓ as a super disintegrant for tablets, granules, spansules and capsules,

✓ as a binder, holding the ingredients of the tablet together (making it easier to manufacture and ensuring that the tablets are of consistent size and shape),

✓ in wet granulation and direct compression,

✓ as a first-choice excipient when non-starch disinegrant is required.


✓ Achieves desired disintegration results at low usage levels (1-5%),

✓ acts effectively in presence of insoluble to soluble filler binders such as MCC, DCP, mannitol, and lactose.

chemical structure of Croscarmellose sodium

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